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Ddevjani Mitra was born and raised in Durgapur, Kolkata.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Maths from Burdwan University. After that, she completed her degree in Fashion Choreography and modeling from the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology. She has always been highly passionate about her career.

Ddevjani Mitra is the founder of I-Glam: a leading Modelling and Beauty Pageants Company of East India. I-Glam regularly organizes Beauty Pageants in the Mr, Miss, Mrs & Juniors Category in partnership with International Pageant Organizers such as the RuBaRu Group. Besides I-Glam also offers a platform for upcoming Young Budding and Groundless models and aspirants of the beauty pageant industry. She is the Impetus behind the achievements of the Eastern part of India at Rubaru Miss India and Rubaru Miss India Elite beauty pageant.

She is a leading consultant in the fashion Industry. She holds vast and diverse experience in fashion and modeling consultancy for various companies. She has the honor to choreograph and judge various leading Beauty Pageants. Apart from this, she is a career as well as a mental counselor as well. She has got the credits of positively transforming hundreds of lives with her counseling skills.


Ddevjani Mitra along with her husband Aashish K. Jha (Managing Director of Gemstone): popularly known as D&A are a successful and established power couple as well as a recognized brand in the Direct Selling (Network Marketing) Industry. Together, they hold the position of Emerald Directs in Amway India Enterprises – the leading Direct Selling company of India and across the globe. They have their business operations spread across India, US, Canada, Mexico, Australia & New Zealand.

Ddevjani Mitra holds the Position of east India Director of Rubaru Group. Rubaru Group is a talent promoting agency, pageant organization, and NGO. The organization focuses on various social causes like women's empowerment and the importance of education and creates awareness on sensitive issues like domestic violence, human trafficking, female infanticide, and female foeticide. Rubaru Group also serves as the parent organization to seven beauty pageants and modeling competitions in India. In association with Rubaru Group, Ddevjani Mitra has actively and successfully conducted various Beauty contests in East India.

Ddevjani Mitra is the founder of Dreamz and Aspirations- A leading Event Management Company in the Eastern Region. She has successfully organized various events which were appreciated and applauded by all. Her success as an Event Planner has been recognized by 60 Celebrity shows and 100 other shows which she managed with high perfection.

Ddevjani Mitra is a successful and powerful influencer and motivational speaker. She has taken various sessions and webinars intending to motivate and inspire people in their lives. She has also been invited to various colleges and organizations as a guest speaker. She has always emphasized Women Empowerment and various social issues.

Described as selfless, self-driven, and highly passionate by industry peers, Ddevjani's characteristics blossom with noticeable faith and strength in every speech and every event she addresses. In her opinion, talent has no boundaries, what it needs is just nourishment. Soaked with thoughts and dipped in glitter, she has always come forward to nourish young budding talents of our country in her venture and provide them the required platform. She is actively working for various social causes as well.

Truly, her life is an inspiration to many out there!!