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Ddevjani Mitra

Ddevjani Mitra is a prominent figure in the Fashion industry. She is the founder of I-Glam: a leading Modelling and Beauty Pageants Company of East India. She has been a self-driven lady since always. She is a successful Entrepreneur, Fashion Choreographer, Public Speaker, counselor, Social Activist, and Event Planner.

Her success as an Event Planner has been recognized by 60 Celebrity shows and 100 other shows which she managed with high perfection.

She has also received the Group Indian Icon award for helping thousands of women become self-independent and be a source of inspiration to millions. Ddevjani Mitra along with her husband Aashish K. Jha (Managing Director of Gemstone): popularly known as D&A are a successful and established power couple as well as a recognized brand in the Direct Selling (Network Marketing) Industry. Together, they hold the position of Emerald Directs in Amway India Enterprises – the leading Direct Selling company of India and across the globe. They have their business operations spread across India, US, Canada, Mexico, Australia & New Zealand. She is an influential and powerful motivational speaker and counselor and has facilitated thousands of people to overcome their fears, other barriers, and enigmas and come out as a warrior in their life. She recognizes Mother Teresa and Oprah Winfrey as her idol and biggest source of inspiration in life. She is truly and the epitome of beauty with brain, compassion, passion, compassion, and the owner of a charismatic personality. .

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"Be thankful for what you have;
you'll end up with more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
you'll never, ever have enough. "

-      Ddevjani Mitra


Happy People Says


My heartfelt thanks to ddevjani Mitra founder@iglam for her valuable contribution, guidance and and encouragement in all our efforts. I derive my strength from you to challenge myself and perform better and better. You have consistently proved your worth and have not failed in any of the endeavour.


Pankaj Kharbanda

Vice President RuBaRu Group

Don't lose hope, everything happens for a reason . You never know what tomorrow may bring. Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. There's no greater investment than self growth. Always believe in yourself because you are the one who is going to change the mind's.


Bruzin D Bharucha

Director at I-Glam